Tuesday, 17 October

*My ad is not showing up

99% of the time it is because You have not yet clicked the activation link in the confimation email we sent.

Or it could have been removed by the community. This usually happens when your ad does not conform to the Terms of Use. If you feel your ad is in compliance please feel free to re-post.

*I did not recieve my activation link.

Check your junk mail folder. Sometimes spam filters will send unknown email there. There may also be a delay in email delivery. check the email later.

*There is no contact information for an ad

That is because the poster of the ad did not include one. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about that.

*My image is not uploading to or showing up on the site

Most of the time it is because the image is too large or not an acceptable format .jpg and .gif images work best. We have a max size of 975 KB for images. Resize and/or reformat your image and try to upload again.

*How do I remove or edit my ad?

There is a link in the activation email we sent you. There you can edit or delete.

*I have other questions

Please contact us for further assistance. Emails are usually answered within 24 hours.